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At ShowerMeister, we specialize in bathroom equipment for the ultimate showering experience. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, we are the place to go for bathroom shower renovations, shower modifications and new installations alike. We offer LED, Rain, Waterfall, High Pressure and Handheld shower heads. In addition, we have shower cabins, shower curtains, bathtubs, towel warmers, shower filters, shower accessories and much more. With innovative products like the DreamSpa Aquafan and H2OVibe Showerhead, we can turn your boring showering experience into an adventure. It’s as easy as pie. For those not in the area, many of our products are now available for purchase at To turn a common shower into an adventure, please visit our website at for our blog, shower product buying guides, installation instructions or to send us a message.


4230 19th st SE, Calgary, AB T3E 0V2



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